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Hexon is an ICT service provider based in the Netherlands and has been founded in 2000.
The main service, DV, is a service which enables dealers to advertise their inventory automatically and with high quality on the internet. DV is not a stand-alone system but is integrated in a number of inventory management systems

DV originated in 2001 from requests of Motor2K users - a dealer management systemen for the motorcycle industry - to enable them to advertise their motorcycles online and display the inventory on their dealer websites.
In 2003 Hexon started to develop the advertisement system Wheeler Delta, an advanced and user friendly application to manage and advertise inventory.

In 2004 the first external inventory management system was connected to DV. Soon others followed and Hexon decided to specialise itself completely in DV. Part of this was the transition of Wheeler Delta (for personal cars within the Netherlands) to AUTODATA Nederland.
The number of connected portals to DV grew substantially as well as the number of connected inventory management systems. Besides the addition of new connection the existing netwerk was continuously improved.

DV is available in several countries and is suitable for several vehicle categories.

At the moment the team consists of 14 specialists with a mainly technical background.
Our mission is the continuous improvement and expansion of the existing network and the corresponding functionalities.

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