Automatic advertising

Advertise your inventory directly from your inventory management system to over 250 portals

Receiving data

Receive advertisements from over 10.000 dealers


Hexon BV

Hexon is a company based in the Netherlands which provides ICT services to the automotive industry. The main product of Hexon is a service called DV which enables dealers to advertise their inventory automatically. DV is not a stand-alone system but is integrated in a number of inventory management systems.

Recent news

Nieuwe versie Voorraadmodule gereleased

De nieuwe versie van de voorraadmodule is, nadat diverse concepten al gereleased zijn, in productie genomen.
Met deze update hopen we onze gebruikers een nog betere ervaring te bieden door de voorraad middels een plugin te kunnen laten presenteren op de eigen website.

New, real-time interface to Maschinensucher released

In cooperation with Maschinensucher we’ve created a new, real-time interface to the Maschinensucher platform(s).
With this upgrade, the status of the advertisements is now known and we were able to use more advanced techniques to ensure the best possible advertisements on Maschinensucher.
Users of DV who are using the interface are automatically upgraded to the new interface to be able to benefit from the improvements!

Koppeling Eigen Website v2.18 gereleased

Koppeling Eigen Website v2.18 is gereleased. Het betreft een grote update t.o.v. versie 2.17 waarin de grote(re) ontwikkelingen binnen DV zijn opgenomen.


With a connection to DV new and used inventory will be imported and advertised on the portals requested.

Software Providers

Suppliers of inventory management applications and dealer management systems (DMS) can integrate DV in their software and increase the added value of their system.


Overview of all portals Hexon links to and who are available to the users of DV.