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Big update for DV Insite

January 2022

We have just now released a new version of the DV Insite application.
This update has been realized using the input of portals combined with that of our clients.
A focus point is to provide relevant information and to simplify / minimize the administrative actions.

What has been changed?

1. Link activation requests
(Account Management -> Outgoing requests, Add new request)
Our clients are informing us about the process of activating customers has sometimes proved to be more difficult.
Partly this is due to communication via email.
With this update you can request new connections in DV Insite and manage all other relevant actions for the link request management.

2. Interruptions
(Settings -> Interruptions)
If you like to perform maintenance tasks or you like to temporarily not get mutations / feeds from DV, you can now schedule those interruptions.
These will be forwarded to our customers as well.

3. Unfulfilled ads
For unfulfilled ads logging is now also available to see our and your communication regarding these types of ads.

4. Has a lead endpoint been setup? (Boolean)
(Advertiser data & status, Lead endpoint)
You can now see if an advertiser is setup to handle leads.

5. Update password functionality
(Settings -> Update password)
It is now possible to change your password within DV Insite instead of resetting the password.

6. Bugfix / small general improvements
- Numbers of occurrences will be shown (correctly) for items.
- New method to show the pagination (avoid too many pages).
- In some cases, the information popup (i icon) did not work.
- The footer is now properly positioned at the bottom of the page.
- Searching on postal code is more lenient.
- Several other minor bugfixes / improvements.