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Motor 2K is a motorcycle dealer management system which motorcycle companies are using to maintain their administration. Motor 2K has proven to be a reliable, user friendly application.

Maintenance and developments

Over the years Hexon has been focussing more and more on the main service DV (automatically online advertising). Partly because of this Motor 2K will not be developed actively. Of course bugfixes and amendments are processed in a timely manner and the product files will be kept up-to-date. Also, our support team will be at your disposal.

Here is a list of some of its key features:

Relation management

All customer, supplier and dealer entries are stored in a central address book. This address book is accessible from within the entire application, to ensure a swift look up of all contact details.

Stock management

The main feature of Motor 2K is its stock management capability. All information regarding a motorcycle can be stored and retrieved with one click.


Motor 2K allows users to maintain motorcycle parts inventory. It is possible to use the actual stock lists of commonly known motorcycle article suppliers. This will save the user a lot of entry time. Hexon will periodically update these article files. Furthermore, the software will advise you which orders to place and when. Consequently it is possible to print a supplier order list which can be sent to the supplier directly.


Companies who own a workshop will find this feature particularly useful: motorcycle repairs can be fully managed including the registered spent time units and used parts. When the reparation is finished, simply print the invoice for your customer and you are done.

Cash register

To ensure optimal flexibility, the Motor 2K system features a cash register module. Work hours and/or parts can added to the cash register of which a receipt can be made. The module also contains a cash book functionality which allows the user to list the cash register totals and possible difference in cash position. Receipts can be printed on a number of supported receipt printers. Motor 2K supports the use of barcode scanners. It is no longer necessary to enter the article code manually, simply scan your article and all relevant data is retrieved. Print your own barcode labels on a number of supported barcode printers.


The Motor 2K system features an optional possibility to advertise the motorcycle stock to a wide range of national and local portals. Furthermore, if you want to list your motorcycles, articles (e.g. parts of clothing) on your own company's website, this is possible.